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Washi Sampler | Dogs #1

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A washi sampler consisting of the following:

Washi tape | Pasta the cloud by florence momo (37.5cm per loop)
Washi tape | Bork-giri by florence momo (18.5cm per loop)
Washi tape | Bork-shi by florence momo (18.5cm per loop)
15mm Gold Foil Washi Season 1 - DONUT DOG by reimy RLLP (30cm per loop)
BGM Washi Tape | Paradise puppies (36cm per loop)

In this set: Washi sampler card with 4 loops for Bork-giri & Bork-shi and 2 loops for the remaining 3 types of washi

Note: Display Piece is a new & unused set of washi sold at a discount because it was used for product photography purposes. Standard is a new set of washi sampled only when an order is placed.