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Theo Collabo

Vincent: An Anthology

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Named after one of Theo's favourite artists, "Vincent - An Anthology" is a collection of three short comic stories compiled into one book.

Titles included in this anthology:
1. In Search of Perfect Light
Finalist in the 2018 Malaysian Comickers' Challenge, in a future polluted by the outcome of a nuclear war, a young boy sneaks out at night to see a rocket launch, which he hopes will clear the fallout layer so that he may see the stars for the very first time.

2. Dulce et Decorum Est
Based on the war poem by Wilfred Owen, "Dulce" is a retelling of the lives of war poets Owen and Siegfried Sassoon, set to the words of the poem and intertwined with the tragic events that inspired its creation.

3. Chap Goh Mei
Runner-up in the 2018 Malaysian Comickers' Challenge, "Chap Goh Mei" explores a local matchmaking festival and tradition of the same name, and follows a young man's quest to find the owner of an orange from the festival which he unfortunately keeps losing in hilarious ways.

Purchase Details:
- Three standalone stories
- 92 pages of content (inclusive of bonus content, notes + sketches)
- A5 size
- Physical copy
- Rated: G; suitable for all ages.