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Malayan Tapir Paper Toy Collection - Set of 10

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The Malayan tapir, also called the Asian tapir. Native to Southeast Asia, the Malayan Tapir has a flexible snout like an elephant's trunk, ears of a horse, legs of a hippo and a body of a pig. It is an iconic creature that perfectly epitomizes Malaysia, a nation of cultural fusion between different races. The way of life of each ethnic group is not mutually exclusive but appropriated and assimilated. Such fusion has given birth to amusing colloquial languages, colourful festivals, arts and culinary delights, thus making Malaysia a unique destination of discovery in Asia.

A set of 10 Malayan Tapir paper toy in different costume designs: -
01 - Black
02 - Camouflage
03 - Brown
04 - Cherry
05 - Colourful
06 - Purple
07 - Pink
08 - Batik
09 - Walnut
10 - Forest Fun

• Self-assemble tapir-shaped paper toy
• Die-cut ready with interlocking method
• No glue required, it's fun to make
• Paper toy printed on 230gsm matte art card
• Card size: 14.8cm x 21cm

The package includes folding instruction and 10 pairs of googly eyes.

Designed by Yew Souf