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Calendar 2021 (Seconds Sale)

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Calendar cards: 15.1cm x 20.3cm
Envelope: 16.5cm x 23.2cm

Hi guys, welcome to 2021. Are you ready? I'm not ;'D Let's make the most of it together.
These are calendars with some printing defects, mainly misalignment issues. Other than that, they are perfectly usable, and will be a waste to just recycle.

This year's calendar consists of x12 A5 sized cards for each month. On the front of each month card, I have chosen a mermaid from my Mermay4.0 series to usher in the new month with you; and at the back, I've included a quote/proverb to advise or inspire you as you travel through the year. I'm also including 2 bonus cards just because <3. Each set comes with a special envelope to pack away the cards for safe keeping when 2022 rolls around. Calendar cards are printed on textured paper with a slightly yellow tint than the envelopes.