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Watercolor Pack 2.0

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Gift packs to send to loved ones or test packs for beginners who are looking to pick up new skills or start a new hobby. The Stationery Packs are discounted packs valued over RM99 presented in a lovely package for love ones or for yourself!

Choose a color group for your Finetec coliro (Black, Gold, Silver, White, Brown, Green, Blue, Violet, Red or Pink) & your Holbein Type A (Black, Grey, White, Yellow, Brown, Green, Blue, Violet, Red or Pink) and we will randomly select a color from your selected color group for your order. 

Please mention your selected color group in the comments at the checkout page.
E.g. Finetec Black, Holbein Yellow & Holbein Red / Finetec Silver, Holbein Grey & Hobein Grey

For the Holbein Type B, random colors will be selected due to limited stock.

Selection is while stocks last. If your choice is not available, the team reserves the right to select the next closest design/color to your selection. If there are no comments in your order, the selection will be done by the team.

This pack includes
1x Watercolor Tin
12x sheets Arto A5 200 gsm cellulose watercolor paper
12x sheets Arto A5 300 gsm cellulose watercolor paper
2x Holbein Type A
1x Holbein Type B
2x Finetec coliro
1x Flat Brush No.4
1x Flat Brush No.6
1x Flat Brush No.10
1x Round Brush No.2
1x Round Brush No.6

Please note that the Arto A5 watercolor paper are manually cut by the team with a 1-2 millimeter discrepancy. We aim to be as accurate as we can and apologize for the slight variation.

If you would like to include a message with your Stationery Pack, please email us at with your order number after you've completed your order.