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Brush Calligraphy Pack 3.0

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Gift packs to send to loved ones or test packs for beginners who are looking to pick up new skills or start a new hobby. The Stationery Packs are discounted packs valued over RM99 presented in a lovely package for love ones or for yourself!

Select your choice of Koi Coloring Brush PenZIG Clean Color Real Brush, Pilot Fude Makase & Appree Pressed Flowers and mention it in the comments at the checkout page.

Koi #407, #20 &  #110, 
Real Brush 029 & 030,
Fude Black & Green and
Appree Sakura & Maple.

Selection is while stocks last. If your choice is not available, the team reserves the right to select the next closest design/color to your selection. If there are no comments in your order, the selection will be done by the team.

This pack includes
3x Koi Coloring Brush Pen
2x ZIG Clean Color Real Brush
2x Pilot Fude Makase
1x Sakura Pigma Brush
1x Pilot Brush Pen Hard Type
1x random mt washi tape
2x Appree Pressed Flowers

If you would like to include a message with your Stationery Pack, please email us at with your order number after you've completed your order.